Blast from the past!

I have been taking inventory of the products that i have and found an oldie but goodie, PInk Oil Moisturizer. You know good and well you know what that is! I used it when I was in Hawaii because I would wash and conditioner my hair every other day and let it airdry, so this product was great. However, it is too heavy for daily use and have not used it since I moved to Oregon.

It made me think about some of the products that I used to use


in the day (as I so affectionately refer to days gone by). My girlfriend and I was discussing these products a month ago and I took a picture of them at the local Fred Meyer. I could not believe they even had these products, as there are not many of us in Wilsonville, OR!!

You see Blue Magic? Ha! About 90% of those products left my hair limp and greasy, but at least it was moisturized!!




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