Hair Goals for 2012

What is my hair goals for this year? Hmm … that’s easy! For my hair to grow, stay thick and retain length! I will periodically post pics of my new growth and how I am progressing in my journey.

I also want to start the process of deep conditioning and homemade hot oil treatments EVERY WEEK (sigh … the more I think about, this sure will be a lot of work!) I am a person who loves things to be FAST FAST FAST and I realize that I am going to have to slow my hair care regiment down a bit in order to reach my goals! (That means reducing the amount of direct heat I apply – so no more weekly 1 hr wash-condition-blow dry-flat iron sessions).

I am also interested in seeing how this little exercise thing I do (LOVE RUNNING!) will interact with my hair care regiment. Will I need to wash more than once a week (remember sweat dries hair out) … or will I need to invest in some washless shampoo to remove the sweat?

I am pretty confident in the products that I use … I am looking forward to stalking other blogs and finding out new ones as well!!

APL – 05/12
BSL- 05/13

Let’s get it!



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