As a political science major in college, I have an affinity for all things politics. This year will prove to be exciting and nerve-racking, all at the same time! I found this photo, depicting the top three Republican candidates … Newt “Sausage Finger” Gingrich, Alligator and Mitt “Shoe Repair Hair” Romney.

Out of the three, I think Alligator would be the one to give Obama a run for his money!!! He also looks more trustworthy! This photo came from the Huffington Post last week.


LaShanda’s Apothecary

I was looking in my bathroom’s linen closet where I store all of my hair supplies and noticed that I have acquired a bunch of oils over the past three weeks. It looks like an apothecary (e.g. pharmacy). These are the oils that I use to do my hot oil mixes (pre-poos), scalp massages and sealing oil. You see, these oils are like Lay’s Potato Chips — you can’t have just one! I love compounding them, as they all have uses that are beneficial (see post on benefits of oils). I will share my recipes (and hopefully post a video on how I make them soon).

I am also thinking about trying the Jamaican Black Castor Oil … I heard great things about it … we shall see. It’s not too pricey on Amazon, but I wish they had it at Vitacost, my new favorite place to shop!!

Sealing Oil


Vitamin E


Coconut oil (I melted it and poured the liquid part in)

Sweet Almond

Hot Oil

Grapeseed Oil



Sweet Almond

Tea Tree


Vitamin E


Scalp massage

A few drops of either Vitamin E, Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil mixed in with a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and/or lavender.

NOTE! Do not use pure essential oils (e.g. the lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree) on your hair! They need a “carrier oil” such as Vitamin E, Jojoba, Coconut or Sweet Almond!

Refreshing Spritz to Spray on New Growth

Pure Water

Rosemary Water

Few drops of Lavender, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, Vitamin E


So far, so good!

Greetings! So I have been on this journey for three weeks now! It seems like yesterday!

Even though there is not really a difference in terms of length, I can really tell that my hair is changing for the better! The M&S has really prevented my hair from feeling like straw, which is easy to do in the winter time, especially since there is heat blasting at you from every direction. It is also really shiny (maybe its all that oil!) One tip that I found especially helpful is to M&S and wrap my hair up as soon as I get home (unless I have plans for the evening, which is rare … when I am home, I am HOME!) It prevents the household heat from drying out my hair as well as it being snagged on the couch or other what-nots.

I have also noticed that my ends are looking pretty good! Despite the normal wear and tear, the protective styling and M&S has really kept them in tip top shape.

I have also vastly improved my roller setting ability … that was a learning curve I did not think that I would master for about a month … but after that first week, it seems to be going well! I really hate putting those clips in, but hey … its part of the job!

I have also noticed less shedding when I comb through my hair through the week (which is a few times, wide-tooth comb only). I used to see long strands and those quilly little ends, but now, the amount is greatly reduced! I think that it was some of the old damaged hair letting go so the beautiful new hair can emerge!

Even though the wash and dry process is now three times as long, the results will be well worth it … I am already reaping the benefits of reducing the flat iron and direct blow drying heat to my hair!

Peace, love and hair grease!


This is me after finally getting it right after so many times getting it wrong!!


New Growth!

I was M&S my hair yesterday and I took a look at the new growth. Wow, I thought. It really is coming in!! You can tell a big difference between the new growth from a few weeks ago. The new growth is also thick!

Could this be in part to those horrendous vitamins I take? Or the scalp massages?? In any case, it really brought a smile to my face!

I am still trying to stretch until March. I think I can, but will definitely be watching the line of demarcification (where the new growth and the relaxed portion of your hair meets). If I notice excessive shedding, then that is a cue that its time for me to relax. That part of your hair can become weak and break of due to a number of factors … hair manipulation being the main one for me, though.

January 27


January 10




hair, there and everywhere!

This was the longest that my hair has ever been (or that I can remember). This was Winter 2006. I was enjoying life as a junior at NC State (whoop whoop!) It was past APL and healthy. And you know what? From 2004 to summer 2005, I took care of my own hair and boy did it grow (probably because I didn’t cut it!) I got it trimmed numerous times that summer and cut off in February 2007. I took good care of it, but hair color always wins and damaged my hair.

Anyhoo! This is the goal that I have for my hair. I know I can do it! I am about two and a half inches away!! What what! :o)

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Wash Day

So today was wash day. I wanted to go work out early this morning, but I didn’t. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Last night, I put on my Alterna overnight repair. It is not really a product that I would buy, but it came in a sample kit, so I might as well use it, right?

This morning I did a prepoo using several hot oils (sesame, EVOO, jojoba, vitamin E and grapeseed among a few). I kept it on my hair for about 40 minutes. Then I shampooed normally.

I then applied the Apoghee 2 minute reconstructor Keratin treatment. It’s a more gentle protein treatment that I plan on using every other week. It is safe enough for weekly use, but I do not think I need it much more than that.

I then did a deep conditioning treatment consisting of Alterna Caviar and Redken AllSoft. I covered my hair and let it sit for about 40 minutes.

I decided to do a tension blowout today instead of roller setting. I applied my leave-ins and watched TV for a few hours (yay for Modern Family!) to let my hair airdry about 80% of the way. It turned out quite nice!! I will post pics the next time illustrating my technique. It really was much better than running that comb through it.

To flat iron my hair, I used 350º vs my normal 410º (wow! It’s amazing that I have any hair left!) I used my comb and fingers to smooth the hair, then ran over my hair ONCE with the flat iron. I finished it off by smoothing on some Hawaiian Silky and sealing it with my oil mixture.

The oils heating up in a cup of hot water.


Well I think that I am about an inch and a half from APL. I am so there in May!


Thoughts? Concerns?

Well, since I don’t comb my hair during the week, I shed some hair today while processing and conditioning. Also, I had those little ends that come off. I hate those ends! I read somewhere that it could be the old damaged hair coming out. Will keep you posted!

Daily Regimen

So what am I doing a week into my journey?

Every night when i get home from work, I M&S with Alterna Caviar Hair Elixir then seal with grapeseed oil. I finally run a bit of jojoba (ho-hoba – I am a logical person, so I thought it was jo-joba – hey, that’s how it’s spelled!) oil all over. It makes it really soft! Then I pin it up in pin curls and tie with my scarf.

I do a scalp massage with various oils 2 times a week.

I wear protective styles such as buns, French rolls and pin ups. It keeps my ends protected from the cold and rain and allows me to reduce the amount of manipulation I do to my hair. I remember reading where these ladies rarely comb their hair and I was like “what?????” but I see it’s possible!! And then I thought about my aunt who has waist length hair. She wears it up in buns, too! Now I know why!!

And the worse part of my regiment is that I take these pills. They are called Maxi Hair and they taste like crap. They are horrible! But I hear they get results, so I will suffer through!!


Update: 1-22:
I went to Sally’s yesterday to get a few supplies. I asked the lady on duty about Wave Nouveau or Luster’s S Curl (yes, Jheri curl juice) as a potential moisturizer. They had neither, but she offered me Hawaiian Silky, which was also a curl activator. I thanked her, as it was a cheaper alternative to my Alterna Caviar truffle (4.99 for 16 oz vs. 28.99 for 4 oz, respectfully).

Length I want by May

This was the longest that my hair has ever been (or that I can remember). This was Winter 2006. I was enjoying life as a junior at NC State (whoop whoop!) It was past APL and healthy. And you know what? From 2004 to summer 2005, I took care of my own hair and boy did it grow (probably because I didn’t cut it!) I got it trimmed numerous times that summer and cut off in February 2007. I took good care of it, but hair color always wins and damaged my hair.

Anyhoo! This is the goal that I have for my hair. I know I can do it! I am about two and a half inches away!! What what! :o)

An inch for your thoughts #1

Well, this is a new segment that I would like to coin “An inch for your thoughts.” This is where I posted random thoughts, reviews, or the like. It is all in fun.

So my first post has to be on the gold mine that I stumbled upon on YouTube. Fgrogran is her name http://www.youtube.com/user/fgrogan. She is absoluely amazing. I love her humor! She is as real as it gets!

Well, she discussed the cross wrap thing, which I have tried, but got horrible results. Yesterday morning, I had all these bumps and curves in my hair. It make work for some, but it does not work for me. Well, it doesn’t work for Fgrogran, either. She said it left lines and dents in hers and that “wasn’t what’s happening.” Since I am just wearing my hair up, I do little pin curls after I M&S and it turned out nice!

Take 2

Well I could not resist it. After looking at videos at work about how to correctly do a roller set (which I thought I knew …Ha! Like my grandfather used to say “what you don’t know could start a whole new world!”), I decided to give the roller set thing one more go.

And boy, I owe it all to Dominican Blowout! I made several errors yesterday that left me looking like a pomeranian. First mistake was that I did not detangle my hair very well. I just combed it, not making sure that the ends were slick and that the roots were smooth. That was a big no-no. Second error I already acknowledged and that was not letting my hair dry completely.

So today as soon as I came home, I conditioned my hair. Nothing fancy. Just took a shower and left some conditioning in and rinsed it out (also got knocked in the head by the shower head when trying to rinse it out – eeks!)

I then rolled it up. It took about 50 minutes, but I made sure that they were in correctly and that my hair was detangled.

Sat under the dryer for about an hour and some change. My edges were still crinkly, so I took the blow dryer and for the first time, used the diffuser attachment (never thought I would need that thing) and quickly blasted them, like in a Dominican blowout. Looked good, but a bit dry. So I took my Alterna white truffle elixir and some grapeseed oil and M&S’d. I pretended my fingers were a flat iron and just went at it! Boy did it shine!! Then I cross wrapped and tied up …but not before taking some pics!!! Now I am confident, because last night I sure was sad. :o(

Ahem .. Excuse the mask. I thought I would put it on while under the dryer.


And this is the length … Really no progress, just wanted to show I have about three inches until I reach my goal of APL.